NONA is a true Malaysian house brand with food product portfolios built on an in-depth understanding of local taste sand cooking styles to deliver high quality and convenience.

Halal Policy

Sri Nona Food Industries Sdn Bhd is fully committed to consistently producing halal products in compliance with halal guidelines issued by the Islamic Religious authorities. Sri Nona Food Industries Sdn Bhd also will ensure that the product produce meet consumer’s expectation and meet the requirements of Malaysia Halal Certification.

Our company aim to achieve this by:

  1. To ensure that all raw material used in our factory are halal and approved by JAKIM/LPPOM MUI.
  2. To ensure all finished products produced at our factory are certified by JAKIM/LPPOM MUI.
  3. To ensure that product made at our factory are free from non-halal and filthy ingredients.
  4. Committed to consistently produce, distribute and supply halal food products that meets regulatory requirement and consumers need.